You Remain



Almost a year ago my Dad died.  I remember driving to the hospital the first time he got very sick, I remember being frightened of saying goodbye that day, I remember praying. I didn’t know what to pray. So I sang in tongues as I drove, my hands freezing on the wheel, my shoulders shaking.  I remember exactly where I was on the road when  God’s covering descended upon me. My eyes were open but in my mind I saw a white blanket being thrown over us, my Dad and me, white as snow. My dad loved the snow. He loved that I loved the snow, it connected us.  This photo is me skiing at Mammoth Mountain, my very favourite place, back in the day.

We both also loved to sing and that night I wrote this song as I drove, I wrote it for my Dad to encourage him as he fought cancer. I still sing it when I pray to encourage myself and to remember, God’s covering, empowering and imagining.

You Remain

When the world falls down

I breathe you Holy Spirit

In and Out

And when the ground gives way

I rest upon You Jesus

Christ my rock

When I am stripped and weary

I wait upon my Father

who gives wings

When there’s nothing left

No hiding place

The tears are lines upon my face

There’s You

When my friends are gone

I find my only comfort

In your voice

When my hands are bound

I sing the praise of one who

breaks off chains

When I am sick and dying

I will not stop believing

You can heal

When I am all alone at night

I seek your face, I see your light

There’s You


Only You remain

There’s You, 

Oh God You remain.

And here’s Your covering

White as snow, it’s beautiful

And here’s Your empowering

A strength in me I did not know 

And here’s Your imagining

It’s greater, than I’ve ever seen


When the lies are loud

I speak your word of truth in

Jesus name

When the fight gets hard

I trust that every knee must

Bow to You

When my burdens are too heavy

I  give them to the one who

Carries me

I hold onto the promise oh

I will not be forsaken no

There’s You

Only You remain

There’s You, 

Oh God You remain

And here’s Your covering

White as snow, it’s beautiful and

Here’s Your empowering

A strength in me I did not know and

Here’s Your imagining

It’s greater, than I’ve ever seen

Be encouraged, be blessed today, God has a covering for you, white as snow. He has an empowering for you, beyond any power you know and He has imagined a reality for you that you cannot ever imagine or experience without Him.

Stand on the Rock of Jesus today, whatever the waves around you look like. That rock is firm, it will not be shaken.

Do you need further encouragement today? Perhaps the post Luke Chapter 5 will encourage you that God has a strength for you that you do not yet know. OR you may like to read more about the miraculous events of this same day in my Dad’s faith journey in the comments of this post When God Says “No” (Part 1) . (I have not yet put that story into a post, only shared it with a reader in the comments. However, the conversation may encourage you too.)

Lots of love,


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