Luca the Light Ranger (Part 1)


Luca hysterically playing the impromptu part of a renegade in the play The Ship That Never Was,  Strahan, Tasmania.

My son Luca’s name means ‘bringer of light,’ and he does. He can lighten any situation. He has the gift of negotiation and a deep understanding of his and other’s humanity, plus he loves people enough to take the time to shine light into any situation. Not that these great gifts are always appreciated by his siblings who don’t always want to joke around or sort things out but the gifts are strong nonetheless.

He has an understanding of his humanity because he makes mistakes. A bit like his mum. Consequently his understanding of the power of repentance is high and he longs for others to know this power too.

One time when I was praying for my eldest three kids I had a vision. I saw the four of us  in the midst of the Spiritual war. Black verses white angels in the midst of a violent power struggle above our heads. I was crouched down low, my shield of faith held over my children. But God spoke to me, “You can’t shield them Lauren. Stand up and walk.”

As I stood and took my shield off my children things happened.

First an angel, the most beautiful, powerful, muscular, enormous person I have ever seen, with wings that spanned twice his height, flew out of the battle in the sky  and picked up my eldest son Toby, then took off again. As I watched he hid Toby in his arms, and rocketed back into the worst of the fight. Maybe he had four arms because, he simultaneously deflected the arrows of the enemy, and shot his own, all the while covering my son. Once they reached the thick of the fighting, Toby emerged from the arms of the angel, a man. Beautiful and muscular in his own right with his own bow drawn. Mesmerised I watched him shoot his own arrows into the enemy lines, still held by the angel but no longer cowed.

I watched in awe of my son until suddenly I remembered my other children standing tiny, mouths agape, beside me. I said to God, “What about the others?” At that moment the same angel swooped down and with one hand lazily grabbed my daughter Greta by the heel and carried her in to the air, ungainly and upside down. The vision ended.

Although it was strange and a little unsettling I was happy at least to see Greta in the hands of the angel. Luca was my concern. So I did not open my eyes I continued to pray, to press God for Luca.

I have found with God that he doesn’t always give me the whole picture or all that I need at once but I have also found he is gracious with me when I pursue him for answers. A bit like when Jacob wrestled God all night for his blessing, God rewards our perseverance.

I did not stop praying. Finally about 30 minutes later I did get a vision. There was Luca beside me wearing his own oversized armour. Looking bit like a cartoon character, he grinned sheepishly up at me and said, “Let’s go mum.” And together we began to walk.

That was it. It niggled though, over the next year so. As did his constant mistakes.

In the mean time, in order to start writing again after a long hiatus, I entered a ‘Religious’ poetry competition and for it wrote a poem called ‘Luca the Light Ranger’. In the poem I explored my dream about the White Stone, which I have talked about in a previous post, called  I am……..Not To Be Held Lightly . I wrote the poem about Luca because I wanted to help myself know how to explain, why we wear the armour of God, to a child. After all that was what God had shown me for Luca. I also wanted to explore the concept of armour that doesn’t quite fit. I will post the poem for you all to read tomorrow and link it here later.

Not long after I had been knocked out of the poetry competition by an agnostic and an atheist or two, I wrestled in prayer about Luca again. He used to have strong behavioural reactions to foods and was going through a bad patch. Thus so were we all. We were camping and I got up in the middle of the night in the tent to pray. Backwards and forwards I paced and prayed and cried out for my son. Two things I wanted answered; Did Luca need to go back on a special diet and would he, like his siblings be strong enough to fight the good fight? Here were his brother and sister in the arms of the angels, would Luca make it, did I have assurance?

And God, mercifully, kindly, gently and compassionately answered both.

First about the food he gave me the verses Matthew 15:15-19,

Peter said, “Explain the parable to us.” “Are you still so dull?” Jesus asked them. “Don’t you see that whatever enters the mouth goes into the stomach and then out of the body? But the things that come out of a person’s mouth come from the heart, and these defile them. For out of the heart come evil thoughts-murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony, slander.

And said, “No new diet, help his heart.”

In answer to the question, ‘Would he make it?’ God said, “You have prophesied over him!”

This will mean more when you read tomorrow’s post but it filled my heart with such joy. That God would be so gracious to my son and to me.

Practically a weight was lifted. Someone had been on a special diet in our family for over 10 years by this point and it was mentally exhausting always ‘counting’ our food. Spiritually another weight was lifted, I knew my thoughts were in line with God and he would show me the way to train my son to wear his armour until it fit. Plus I needn’t stress about any of Luca’s mistakes because I now knew the ending. I just needed to be the rudder, and help Luca ‘Stay the Course’.

I did check in with God a little later about my daughter Greta and why she had to be carried upside down? I had wondered if it may mean backsliding in her future or something like that. So I was afraid to ask for a long time but when I did God, again mercifully, showed me something.

I asked in my prayer, “Why God, did the angel pick her up, by the heel?”

And he said, “Because her hands were full.”

Instantly I saw the same vision, but this time as Greta swung backwards and forwards upside down, so did a line of about a thousand of people, each holding the ankles of the person above. All carried in the arms of little Greta who would not let them go.

I share these visions believing that like God’s revelation to Moses or Abraham or anybody, these prophesies are not just for my kids. These are three different paths all of us may take. Sometimes protected in the arms of the angels until we are strong ourselves, sometimes unexpectedly thrust into danger and turmoil and yet able to carry others and sometimes walking the hard road with ill-fitting armour until we have banged out the dents, tested and adjusted every piece to make sure it fits us in time for the final battle.

Read the poem tomorrow, be blessed and encouraged. God loves you and he wants to assure you, he’s got a plan to build you up, to strengthen you and prepare you for all that is to come.

Whatever your path may be, with Him, you will have all that you need.

If you are encouraged, leave me a comment below or like this post or share with others who may need the encouragement today.

With love,






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