Luca the Light Ranger (Part 2)


Luca (left) and Toby, ages 3 and 4 after a hail storm that turned our grass white.

Today’s post is a poem that I introduced yesterday. If you missed the explanation head over here to read. Enjoy, be blessed, Love Lauren.

Luca the Light Ranger

When Luca became a Light Ranger, his Father God drew near,
“Before you go, come close my son. Let’s see what I have in here?”
He opened a chest and from it took armour, “The strongest suit you’ll find!
Wear it always son, the enemy prowls. This helmet will protect your mind.”

“This shield will protect you from flaming arrows, this breastplate, will cover your heart.
Here’s your sword, to slash the darkness, from the belt of truth it cannot part.”
Luca laughed from under it all and his Father smiled, “You’ll grow.
And on your feet, these boots bring peace.  Now son, where will you go?”

“To the mountaintop,” He pointed his sword, “There I will find a White Stone!”
“You can do it son, it’s a narrow path but remember this, you are not alone.”
At the foot of the mountain Luca looked up.  He saw that the peak was high.
The crooked path was treacherous, there was a crow in a tree nearby.

“You won’t make it! You can’t do it,” mocked the bird. Afraid, Luca put hands to his ears,
The helmet, “My Father thinks I can!” he remembered and at once forgot his fears.
So he climbed. First left then right, slowly, slowly. The way to the top was steep.
His heart felt heavy.  He saw a small hut. Luca wanted so much to sleep.

“Come in and rest with me for a while,” said a beautiful fox by the door,
I have what you want right here,” she smiled, a shiny, black stone in her paw.
“One rub and you will forget your troubles!” The Light Ranger’s heart beat fast.
‘Should I?’ He wondered, ‘It looks so good, and I could go home at last!’

Still my heart! A hand to his chest. Touched the breastplate as he did.
Now he remembered.  A white stone he wanted.  He saw what corruption Fox hid.
“No, mine is a white stone. My Father says so!” With the words the Luca felt strong.
When Fox attacked the battle was quick. He was back, on his way, before long.

Upward the Light Ranger strode, on and on, ‘til he came to the mouth of a cave.
He clutched at his sword. It shone in the dark, and holding God’s hand, he felt brave.
Into the black of the cave he went, his light sword shining the way.
But then a crevasse that swallowed his light and a voice snarled, “Now you pay!”
“I am the toll keeper,” A giant bear! “I watch the invisible bridge.

I will have that fine belt for your crossing fee! How else will you reach the next ridge?”
Luca grabbed at the leather despairing but then, with both hands on the belt,
“No! It will keep the sword true!” he remembered and immediately, he felt

The strongest desire to turn, and he noticed, a rope-bridge to the south.
“You tricked me!” Luca challenged the bear, “You’ll pay for the lies of your mouth!”
Down fell the bear on the light of his blade and Luca at the rope-bridge crossed
to a secret door and out of the cave, thankful the belt was not lost.

Out in the snow he was blind for a moment. He lifted his shield for shade.
As he did, he heard THUD. An arrow! Flaming Arrows! He’d walked right into a raid!
The Light Ranger inched forward slowly, behind his shield, protected.
But, as the assault continued for days, he became more and more dejected.

The path narrowed now and was covered in stones. His boots they began to slip.
Chasms fell away on either side, “Without these boots I’d have a good grip!”
Awkwardly Luca untied them, one arm still holding the shield,
But with his fingers on the laces, God’s promise of peace was revealed.

He looked at the boots. Beneath his toes, he saw it, his own White Stone!
“Beautiful,” Luca smiled at the irony, “You said I’d never be alone!”
Carefully, carefully he reached for the stone but, just as his fingers clutched it,
a flaming arrow hit his shield and, as he blanched, he dropped it.

The White Stone began to roll away……clack, clack, clack, clack, clack, clack,
Into the blackness it plummeted and the enemy doubled the attack.
“You will regret this!” came the taunts. He was surrounded, he could tell.
“No, I will not,” Luca replied, “It’s you who’re going to hell!”

“My Father is with me, I’m not alone!”
“Oh yeah? So where’s your army?”
“My Father can make soldiers out of these stones,” he said and stood up calmly.
The Light Ranger slowly raised his sword. The enemy fell silent.
Clack, clack, they heard, and then again but louder and more violent.

CLACK, CLACK, CLACK, CLACK the stone came back and with it came God’s soldiers!
Magnificent and powerful with wings upon their shoulders.
Luca’s sword exploded light and a furious battle ensued.
And the Light Ranger realised his armour fit well, once the enemy was subdued.

Only then did the Light Ranger bend, to pick up, the stone lying at his feet.
He rolled it over in his hand, savouring victory, so sweet.
“Thank you,” he whispered, to his Father,
“Thank you,” he yelled to the sky.
“Thank you,” he breathed as he sat down with his Father who wiped away tears from each eye.

Copyright Lauren Macdonald, 2014

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  2. This is such a wonderful and amazingly written poem! Wow Lauren!
    I love how you added each element of the armour of Christ to his journey and laughed at the part when he told the devil where to go!😂😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lauren Macdonald says:

      It’s fun to write a poem every now and then, takes me back to my childhood, Thanks for reading. Hope you’ve had a great day.


      1. Awwww, yes exactly! I’ve written a poem or two recently but not as good as this one. I look forward to yo sharing it with my kids today!😀

        Liked by 1 person

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