Crowned (Part 1)

crown_facebookMy daughters and I were part of a photo shoot for our women’s conference at  church on the weekend. The theme of the conference, in October, is “Crowned” and the photo shoot brief was, “Come dressed royally!” For people with absolutely no social life this was tricky and we were not the only ones who struggled.

There were beautiful Christian women of all ages, and stages, in the group and all of us said, that having to prepare for the shoot had been a challenge. One of the older ladies said, “It made me realise that I have let the fun parts of my life go.” Others said “We just don’t celebrate enough!”.

I managed to find most of my outfit at Op shops or radically discounted, and borrowed the rest from a fashionable neighbour. Just finding the costumes was fun, because the girls and I did it together. We did it not just for ourselves but for a purpose and everyone who was at the shoot agreed that after the initial frustration, we all loved dressing up!

Gracie crownedThe shoot itself was a little bit of magic! To see all these beautiful women dressed so glamorously was a delight. These are women I would usually see crawling around on their hands and knees, helping out at kids church, serving or welcoming people, cooking or putting out chairs, or women I hardly notice, behind the scenes somewhere at church. It was wonderful to see them being celebrated, taken care of, honoured, just to see them as God sees them; Princesses, daughters of The Most High.

It was a small picture of heaven.

Greta crowned

Be encouraged today, God wants to crown you, just as he crowns his Son Jesus. He calls us sons and daughters, heirs with Christ, his chosen. You are loved more than you can ever know.

Be blessed,

Lots of love,


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  2. stacie says:

    Love love love this! So encouraging to read xx

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