Proverbs 10 min. Challenge (Proverbs 3)


This Challenge is about reading a whole chapter of Proverbs, then responding to it in writing. Posts for Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 can be found here. This week for Chapter 3, I set myself the challenge of writing a short script. Haha. That was before I actually read Chapter 3. Man what a good Chapter it is! I could write a blog post on every verse! In fact I already wrote on Proverbs Chapter 3:3- 4 here.

Anyway I stuck to the script challenge but I have to admit it took me 20 minutes not 10! So this is a falsely named post but here is the result! It’s a bit on the cheesy side but I hope it’s encouraging nonetheless.

Be blessed, be encouraged to try something new in your bible reading today and be encouraged to get God’s wisdom into you.

Lots of love,


We see a boy and a man, walking along a hillside trail, dressed in explorers’ clothes, carrying their gear in backpacks. As they walk they talk.

Son: Dad, why do you look so good?

Dad: What do you mean?

Son: Well, you’re old.

Dad: (chuckles) Well, you too can look this good one day, my son, if you listen to what I am about to tell you and do it.

Son: Really?

Dad: Yes, look, here’s a tip. Let love an faithfulness, never leave you.

Son: How can I do that?

Dad: Well you carry them in your heart and you wear them, like clothes. Just love and be faithful to God all the time.

Son: And I’ll look as good as you?

Dad: No doubt, and you’ll have peace and prosperity!

Son: Really?

Dad: Yep, and here’s another tip, trust the Lord not yourself!

Son: How do I do that?

Dad: We”ll you put God in charge of your whole life, you get your advice straight from him, instead of always thinking you know what to do, by yourself.

Son: Is that how you do it Dad?

Dad: Pretty much, that’s why I have a healthy heart, and body and bones. I also give him my money.

Son: What? What does God want with money?

Dad: Well, everything on earth is his, so when I get money, I give some of it straight back into God’s house to build up his people and make sure they have a church to go to. It’s a way of honouring God.

Son: Does he like that?

Dad: Yes and what I find is that because I honour him with my money, he takes care of my money. I never worry about it. There is always enough money.

Son: Does God ever get cross with you about anything.

Dad: Oh yes son, I’m not perfect. I’m just me. I make mistakes, big ones sometimes, but what do, is I listen to what God says. Sometimes it is hard when I hear or read something in his word that I don’t want to obey. Like when you don’t want to clean up your room when you’re asked. Sometimes I don’t want to clean up my act, but I do because, I know God only disciplines me because he loves me, and he wants the best for me.

Son: So what are we looking for out here?

Dad: Wisdom.

Son: Why?

Dad: Because, wisdom is a great treasure, better than gold or silver or even rubies. Nothing compares to wisdom.

Son: Why not?

Dad: Because if you have wisdom, you have double treasure; long life in one hand and riches and honour in the other. Plus wisdom is lovely to look at and calming to be with. You want to hold on to wisdom when you find her. God’s wisdom that is, the same wisdom that made the world and is eternal. That kind of wisdom keeps you safe so you never need be afraid again.

Son: That sounds like awesome treasure! Where can we find it?

Dad: You already have.

Son: I have? Where?

Dad: If you look for wisdom you will find it, and here you are looking!

Son: I don’t get it.

Dad: God says to share his wisdom. Since we started, I have been sharing God’s wisdom with you, just because you asked me about it. Now you have wisdom in you, because you have all my answers, and you also know where to look for more.

Son: I do? Where do I look?

Dad: Think about it.

Son: In God’s word? In the bible? Do I pray for it?

Dad: Yes, all of those.

Son: Wow, cool. Thanks Dad!

And they walk on beyond our view.

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