Psalm 107:1

love forever

Be encouraged to love with God’s love today. Do it in faith. You might like to be encouraged by the post Faith Expressed Through Love today.

Be blessed,

Lots of love,


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  1. I hold that to my heart, that the Love of the Lord endures forever……. I hold that to my heart on this painful,
    Sunday morning, with the blessing of the sound of rain……..💖

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    • Bless you Billie, may God rain down his living water with the rain on this Father’s Day as you remember your beautiful Dad. I’ve shed a few tears myself today. Lots of Love, L


      • Ah, of course, your beautiful Dad who sang Leonard Cohen songs….. and had a miracle in the hospital and
        was saved from pain; your pure heart must have been such a blessing for him. My Dad’s story is so strangely tragic, but too long to tell. Lots of love for the end of the Day, Billie

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