Proverbs 10 min.Challenge (Chapter 5)

bed-bible-book-bindings-935944As I read chapter 5, all I could think about were my friends going through painful divorces; the grief, the loss, the poverty, the broken hearts, the broken families, the not knowing, the insecurity. I thought, I wonder if any of them ever read this chapter? It’s all there in Proverbs Chapter 5.

I also thought about my own misspent youth, my own griefs and losses and broken heart. I certainly hadn’t read Proverbs Chapter 5 at that time in my life. I didn’t particularly spurn instruction, I just didn’t have it. But as I read Proverbs Chapter 5, I could see my ‘folly’. These are hard chapters to read in retrospect, a bit of groaning (v.11) takes place in my heart when I do.

But what I know, is that if we didn’t know this before, and we are only given it later, then we cannot judge ourselves, only God can do that. And what I know, is that He is a God of justice and mercy. I also know He is able to purify us in any, and every, way.

The wisdom in Proverbs is for training and instruction purposes not judgement purposes. So if you’ve never read this chapter, and you’re hurting, and you see yourself in the words, don’t write yourself off. You’re reading them now because God wants to give you a fresh start. Take it, and run with it the best you can and with thanks.

I thought my challenge could be, to write from this Chapter, in my allotted 10 minutes, a list of ‘Things You Will Avoid If You Steer Clear of Adultery.” I hope they help you, maybe they’ll get you interested in reading the rest of Proverbs, and being trained by it. The hope of Proverbs is that those trained by its wisdom will live a rich and blessed life. I hope you and I will be included in that group. Blessing is always welcome.

So without further ado, here they are;

22 Things You will Avoid if You Stay Faithful To Your Spouse (according to Proverbs Chapter 5)

You will avoid….

  1. Losing your discretion v.2
  2. Destroying knowledge with Your Lips (I guess this is the safe knowing, of your kids, your family, your friends etc, that you are honest and faithful and trustworthy.)  v.2
  3. Bitterness v.4
  4. Hurt, so painful it’s in your bones v.4
  5. Killing of the life in you v.5
  6. Losing your way v.6
  7. Losing your honour v.9
  8. Losing your dignity v.9
  9. Living with cruelty v.9
  10. Giving everything you’ve worked for to the stranger who takes your place v.10
  11. Watching that stranger enjoying your family and the fruit of your labour v.10
  12. Groaning about your mistakes later v.11
  13. Wishing you’d listened to discipline in your youth v.12
  14. Wishing you’d been willing to be corrected, by your teachers, parents and instructors v.13
  15. Being the one in trouble all the time, feeling the eyes of others on you v.14
  16. Having to find somewhere to rest other than your home v.15
  17. Seeing your private life spilled everywhere, before everyone, your life running like a broken pipe through the public gutters v.16 v.17
  18. Missing your spouse, missing your marriage v.18
  19. Having to start again, make new memories, forget the old ones in company of people who, should have access to all of you, but are actually strangers v.17 v.20 v.
  20. Never having the intoxicating benefits of perseverance (that Euphoria, when you reach the top of the hill and look back at the view!) v.19
  21. Setting a trap for yourself v.22
  22. An early death, or soul death, due to ill discipline and folly. v.23

Be encouraged, be blessed,

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Lots of love,


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