Today I have been reminded again of the wonderfulness of God. How worthy he is of all our praise. How amazing it is just to give him all the glory. No matter what we face. No matter what we need. Everything falls into it’s rightful place when we approach the throne of God with thanks and awe.


He is truly astonishing, unfathomable, inconceivable, so beautiful.


Do you know what brought me to my knees again in wonder today?


A smile, a hug, an ‘I will not give up on you!’ attitude towards another, the purest love.

Just like Jesus.


God is wonderful and His love is the most powerful force in the universe.


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    1. Thanks Ryan and our Wonderful God bless you too.

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  1. Vivian says:

    Beautiful Lauren!!! How amazing forgiveness is cleansing us and making our hearts pure again! I love the verses and gorgeous pictures too. Just lovely!!

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    1. Oh Vivian, so lovely to see you online, I left a message at your blog, but I wasn’t sure it made it through. I’ve been praying for you! Much love, L


      1. Vivian says:

        It sure did! Yay! Thank you precious! I’m so blessed by you and your loving care! God is good!!🤗

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  2. So beautiful, dear Lauren!! Yes, how amazing is grace and forgiveness! And what a blessing to receive both from God and others. It brings tears to my eyes just to think of it. I’m so thankful that you received such a blessing! How could anyone not love you? You are truly authentic, kind, humble and loving. And I’m so very glad to have met you here in the blogging community! ❤ ❤


    1. Bless you Lynn I’m so glad to have met you too! I learn so much from you. And thank you for your prayers, my kids are well, the trailer is packed and we are off camping tomorrow morning for two weeks! Hooray. God’s timing is perfect. Look forward to more chats in a few weeks. Lots of love, L


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