What’s Your Flavour?

allspice-aromatic-chilli-33615Today I’ve reached Step 5 in my writing a kids talk process. It’s been a week of preparing this talk on John 15:5. Yesterday’s post Bearing Fruit as a Christian has links to all the other posts, in which I researched this outline in much more detail.

Step 5 is;

  • Write an outline of what you want to say in the talk by breaking down the scripture into sections that need to be explained. A kids’ talk is all about explaining what the scripture means.

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.

I am – who is I am? It’s Jesus.

You are – who is You? Jesus’ friends the one’s who followed him. (includes us)

The Vine – what is a vine? why did Jesus choose to call himself a grape vine? What are the key elements of the true vine? (roots, main cordon)

The Branches – Why did Jesus call his friends the branches? (they grow out of the vine, they bear fruit What are grape vine branches like? What are the features of vine branches? ( grafted into the true vine for stronger, disease resistant roots, branches need to be trellised, branches are heavily pruned every spring to encourage fruit)

P.S. I found this lovely quote here today that I thought I’d share with you about the variety of Christian growth. Even though I wrote about the branches the other day, I really liked the way this quote gives a visual of the branches on the vine;

There may be a hundred branches in a vine; their place in reference to each other may be far apart; they may seem to have but a very distant connection with each other; but having each a living union with the central stem, they are all members of the same Vine, and every one of them therefore is a member one of the other. Some of the branches are barely above the ground; some peer higher than all the rest; some are weighted with fruit, much fruit rich and fine; some bear but little fruit and that only small and inferior; some occupy important and central positions; some are seemingly insignificant, and look as though they might readily be dispensed with; as though, indeed, the tree would be healthier and more graceful without them; some are old and well grown, thoroughly strong and established; others are young, delicate, and need development. But whatever variety there may be among the branches in size, circumstance, or state, they all form a part of one complete, harmonious and like-natured whole. The vine stem is the common centre, and in it all partake of a common life. (J. J. Wray.)

Who is the farmer? – God the Father

What part does the Holy Spirit play in the analogy? – The Sap that nourishes and heals and flows unstopping – living water to the branch from the root.

What are Jesus’s friends asked to do? – Abide, remain, stay, hold on, cling!

What will the farmer do? – plant, provide, support, prune, pick up

What will Jesus do? – go deep and wide to anchor us, secure us, seek and gather the nutrients we need to grow,  fight pests and disease and stand strong in the face of weather and season changes.

What will the Holy Spirit do? – carry all that Jesus has prepared to us, flow unceasing between Jesus and us.

What does it mean to bear? – When we bear we both carry, and bring forth (birth) the fruit that is seeded in us.

Much – Don’t miss it! This little word has big meaning – (NB. ‘little remaining’ results in little fruit. If we are holding on by a thread we might bear a little fruit but when we stay completely in Christ, remain/abide fully in him, fully connected/joined we will bear much fruit! Heaps and heaps and heaps! It is a given if we believe this scripture. You will bear much fruit!  We will be loaded with fruit (we will be heavy laden & who do we need to come to when we are heavy laden? Christ. The circle of life) We will feed many, bring life to many, bring drink to many, bring satisfaction to many.

Apart from me you can do nothing – Separation from the root means withering of the branches. We are the same, separate from God we wither.

Grapes – the fruit of the vine (much like the branches is so varied). It is not just you that is different (the branch) it is your fruit that is specific to your branch. Have you ever thought about how you do things differently to everyone else. Do you know no one does anything exactly the way you do it.  You have a unique flavour and the Farmer chose to plant you because he likes your flavour! and he want others to taste it too.

What is your flavour? How does your flavour come out? (Grapes can be eaten raw or juiced or mixed or dressed.)

A little about me – A little late in life I had the revelation that I was not a lot of things, but I was an encourager. I was good at encouraging. Encouraging others came very naturally to me. I genuinely love to encourage others, to see them shine and find their gifting. I love to see others become who God made them to be. I love to see people letting the spirit flow and fill them. I love to see people fully joined with Christ and bearing fruit, stepping into their gifts and nurturing and sharing them. I get the biggest high to see someone find their flavour!

I hope today you will be blessed and encouraged to step out in faith and let Christ and the Holy Spirit bring out your full flavour!! Don’t ever forget that God the Father chose to seed you!

Lots of love,


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  1. Pure Glory says:

    Lauren, the J.J. Wray quote was wonderful! Keep enjoying your flavor! Although I have several flavors, I too am an encourager and God continuing to work on bringing it out in full measure. I am sure the kids will enjoy your Bible talk. Much love and an explosion of flavor to you! Hazel

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    1. Wasn’t it beautiful! Yes I agree you are an encourager, you always encourage me Hazel, sorry not to get across to your blog much this week, I have had a lot going on, not just with the talk. Next week will be more normal and I look forward to your encouragement then. I loved in the grapes study how certain grapes shared some or many qualities but there was always one that set them apart. That is the hardest one to define for a lot of us, its the one we hide away or suppress. But it is the combination of the similarities with the difference that gives us our flavour.
      I’ve been watching a cooking show called Acid, Fat, Salt Heat or something along those lines and it talks about how all tasty dishes need these things but it is the combinations, the varieties of acid, fats etc and the exact temperature they’re cooked at that bring out the flavour. I think we’re like that. Lots of love today, L

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Pure Glory says:

        Lauren, no pressure to visit the blog. We all live life that takes time. The cooking show sounds interesting. I can understand your analogy. Love and blessings, H

        Liked by 1 person

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