Proverbs 10min. Challenge (Proverbs 11)


Proverbs 11! This is so exciting because it means I’m over a third of the way through the Book of Proverbs! How often do you start reading through the bible with wonderful intentions but circumstances get in the way and you stop?

Today I want to take a moment to cheer myself on and celebrate making it this far! Do you do that? Do you celebrate milestones? I must say I’m not a natural celebrator but I’m changing…..

Earlier in the year, I was encouraging my 12 year old son to read 3 chapters of the bible each day, while I did the same. We both seem to have slowed down a bit as the year has progressed, but I caught myself before I got upset when he slowed down after 15 days because I realised that 15 days meant that he had read 45 chapters of the bible by himself. 45 chapters for a 12 year old boy! How wonderful! What a banquet! My son had feasted on the word. Despite the fact that it was followed by a fast, he is now eating again of his own choice. What and how much of God’s word he is eating may be a little pedestrian but he is eating, and he remembers the banquet fondly.

I want to encourage you today, not to be too hard on yourself if you have been fasting from the word of God, or dieting a little, and you’re losing “weight” on the word it’s ok. We go through seasons. I encourage you, celebrate sometimes, over-indulge in the word, go to a banquet! They are life changing BUT don’t be afraid of a fast either, they have their place. Fasts help us digest what we’ve already eaten. They clean us out.

The main thing to remember is this, most days we need to eat. Regular eating is what keeps us alive. Keeps our cells dividing. We need to hear the word of God regularly.

So with that in mind here is a little 10 minute word study from Proverbs 11 which talks a lot about righteousness. We hear a lot about ‘self righteousness’, but what is ‘Godly righteousness’ like? Let’s see if Proverbs 11 can help.

If you don’t have much time read the chapter instead. God’s word will always be better for you than mine. If you do have time, read both!

Righteousness (from Proverbs Chapter 11)

  • delivers from death v.4
  • comes out of blamelessness v.5
  • makes paths straight v.5
  • comes out of uprightness v.5
  • delivers from evil v.6
  • rescues from trouble v.8
  • comes out of knowledge of God v.9
  • enables escape from the godless v.9
  • brings prosperity v.10
  • brings rejoicing to others who benefit from it’s prosperity v.10
  • when sown reaps reward v.18
  • brings life v.19
  • brings freedom v.21
  • always ends in good v.23
  • leads to thriving v.28
  • bears fruit that is a tree of life v.30
  • will lead to reward on earth as well as in heaven v.31

Other words that are linked with righteousness in Proverbs 11 include;

  • accurate
  • humility
  • wisdom
  • integrity
  • upright
  • blameless
  • prosper
  • blessing
  • exalted
  • understanding
  • holds their tongue
  • trustworthy
  • victory
  • advisers
  • safe
  • kindhearted
  • honour
  • kind
  • benefit
  • delights
  • gives freely
  • gains even more
  • generous
  • refreshes
  • refreshed
  • willing
  • seeks good
  • finds favour
  • wise
  • saves lives

Genesis 15:6 says,

And Abram believed the LORD, and the LORD counted him as righteous because of his faith. (NLT)

Can I encourage you today that all of this righteousness is available to you and to me? Not by blood, sweat, tears, torn clothing and animal sacrifice but through belief. God says we are righteous when we believe that his Son Jesus, loves us, died for us, saves us and lifts us up. Righteousness is free. It’s a gift, along with the forgiveness of every unrighteous thing you and I have ever participated in.

We can live righteous lives because we are loved, because Jesus poured out his grace and gives us the Holy Spirit. Can I encourage you not to doubt, not to be afraid, but to step out in faith into His righteousness today and enjoy life!

Be blessed,

Lots of love,


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  1. Thanks for your good advice.

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  2. Pure Glory says:

    Lauren, you have done a thorough study why reading Proverbs. It does call for a celebration! Also you are hiding the Word in your heart and renewing your mind. Your 12 year old son, must have a hunger for the Word, to read 3 chapters a day for 15 days. Having a personal relationship with God is so important. Abundant love and blessings to you and your family, Hazel

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    1. Yes ! I thought so, it’s been very edifying for me in more ways than I can count, definitely worth celebrating. Jesus likes a good celebration! Hope you’re having a beautiful day. Any sunshine yet? Lots of love L

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      1. Pure Glory says:

        Jesus loves celebration! 🙂 We have been getting our first snow to stay on the ground, today. Will not see the ground again until April. Our snow was late in coming this year. Our main season in Alaska is winter! Much love, H


      2. Oh enjoy that first snow, I haven’t seen snow for about 14 years and I miss it. A frozen landscape is so beautiful. Around March, when you’re hanging out for the big thaw, have a little smile for me. I’ll do the same for you when I’m starting to weary of endless summer. I’ll enjoy it because you would. Interesting your snow was late, we hardly had winter at all…..Bless you in every season and change Hazel and bless your family today in the quiet of the snow. Lots of love L

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