This is a short post because I have a lot going on this week with my talk coming up. But I woke up the other morning with this  little revelation and I thought I’d share.

I was thinking about a decision one of my kids is making. Well, maybe I was dreaming about it because, I woke up with this picture of the letter Y in my mind.

I saw it for the first time as a junction; one road leading into two roads. I knew I needed to talk to my child about ‘Why?’. I knew I needed to tell them to think about all the Y’s they reach in life. The big ones, the middle size ones, the small ones, even the tiny ones because if you look at the letter Y you get a great picture of what it is like to get to the end of one road, and have to turn back because you went the wrong way.

Let’s say the correct way is left, just for argument’s sake. You go left, you travel to the top of the why and you’re laughing, life’s awesome.

But what if you go right? You get to the end of top of the why, and you realise you’ve made a huge mistake. There is no way across the top but to go back to the junction and go left. By the time you’ve made it to the top of the why you’ve travelled three times as far. Once there, once back and once the other way. Three times! That is a lot of wasted time and frustration and usually it’s because we didn’t really stop and ask ourselves ‘Why?’ when we reached the Y, we just went.

I started to think about coffee. Yes, it was early in the morning! But I started to think about coffee because of something I’d read once, a life time ago. Too much coffee prevents our uptake of minerals, and reduces bone density.

I only read it once (when I was young and strong but my husband was sick, sick, sick, so I was reading all the latest, and weirdest, and most unpopular studies about food, most of which I bear witness have become more and more main stream over the last 15 years). I’ve searched but never found a reference to bone stripping coffee since. It must have been smothered as a report (it’s a conspiracy man!) but I knew it was a Y in my life because it came up in my mind repeatedly, over the years!! Sadly, I always pushed it back down and continued drinking coffee, sometimes way too much.

Now guess what….Yep, brittle frame. (Breast feeding five children for a year each and 5 pregnancies all in eight and three quarter years will not have helped much either.) My chiropractor who saw the x-rays and showed me, with a very solemn face, because that wasn’t what she was looking for at all, told me in no uncertain terms that I am now facing a very big Y. Not only do I need to stop coffee, I need to pump myself up to get motivated, so I can pump in the minerals and pump the iron, or I’ll break …. a lot.

I have a very long, coffee-free health kick ahead of me, three times as long and hard as it needed to be ….

The thing about Why, is that once you know your Why, the How will work itself out. It’s like that with Jesus too, a lot of people get all caught up wondering how they could possibly become a Christian instead of asking themselves “Why Christ?”

Being a Christian is merely the How. The difference with Jesus is that he has the power to remove the triple length journey. He is willing to lay down his cross, across the top of the Y so you can skip the long road back.  He’s not just the Why, he’s the short cut to the top. He’s pretty awesome!

Can I encourage you if you are at that particular junction don’t try to look backwards down your path, don’t even look forwards trying to imagine what a new life with Christ will look like – that’s like trying to imagine what difference having a child will make to your life. It’s inconceivable. Just look at Christ and he will make the way.

So, what about you? What Y’s are you facing? Which Y’s do you know you took the wrong road on? Do you even ask Why? I hope I can encourage  you today as you decide stuff. To ask yourself, Why?

Be encouraged and be blessed today as you face your Y’s. I’m saying a special prayer for you today.

Lots of love,


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  1. Thanks for you encouragement and prayer.

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    1. You’re welcome and thank you for yours. Lots of love L

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      1. Lots of love to you Lauren.

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  2. Pure Glory says:

    Lauren, I have been studying bone health in the Bible. A merry heart is good medicine and health to the bones. Meditating on the Word of God is excellent for healthy bones. It is not just what we eat or ingest but what is eating us. How we think and what we think about makes a difference. Envy and jealousy rot the bones. Of course, refined sugar is not healthy as it draws all our minerals from our bones. Enjoy God as you homeschool your children and prepare for your talk. Holy Spirit will help you put it all together. Much love, H

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    1. Thank you, thank you! This is wonderful Hazel, much appreciated hopeful medicine! Lots of love L

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