The Stronghold God builds in his Children


The stronghold in us.

You know I have 5 kids, and one of my prayers goes like this, “Thank you God for giving my kids such faithful, friendly, fun and fantastic pastors to lead them. I love you, thank you.”

I tell my kids, “You know you can pray like that too and your prayers are powerful!”

Jesus listens to kids. Even when other people aren’t listening, Jesus is listening, and he hears their voice, and he loves to hear their praises. In fact Psalm 8:2 says that the praises of little children are built into a stronghold against any enemies.

During the lead up to “Crowned” our women’s conference at church, I’ve been praying for all the girls I will be encouraging with my talk, and meditating on being a daughter of the King. When I prayed and Psalm 8:2 came to mind I began to think in real terms of how many princesses over time had had to use the stronghold of their castle, to escape Barbarians and marauders and hide from powerful armies.

The stronghold was the strongest part of the castle and if any enemies attacked, the king would say to his family and friends, “Quick everyone, into the strong hold!” So they would be safe. No arrows could get through, no cannon balls, no soldiers. It was so strong, and they would be safe. The archers would be up on the ramparts fighting back, and their own soldiers would be pouring boiling oil over the walls to fight off the invaders. But the royal family would be safe in the strongest part of the stronghold.

Psalm 8:2

Through the praise of children and infants you have established a stronghold against your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger.

I know this is a verse for little children and infants but I won’t forget that God calls us all little children and infants at different points in our walk with him. God says when little children pray, and give thanks in the good times, when we praise the Lord for all the good things, He says our praises are so powerful, like bricks, they build a stronghold, in our hearts.  So that when bad things come along we have a safe place to go. Jesus the King will say quick, my child, into the strong hold! And no matter what is happening we can go into the stronghold of our heart. We can shut the door. Shut out all enemies, no weapon can make it through that stronghold.  And who will be in there with us keeping us company until the attack is over? King Jesus. And what do we do while we’re in the midst of attack? We praise, encourage each other and make the stronghold stronger!

Right here right now, is a good time to praise even if you’re under attack. So, why don’t we give praise together? I want you to start by praising God for his promise of a stronghold! Afterwards you decide, you might think of one or two or lots of people you can thank God for right now. People you can praise God for making, and giving to you.

Together we are going to close our eyes and lift up our hands to God, and we are going to praise him. Think of your people and say thank you with me.

Thank you God, Thank you Jesus, Thank you Holy Spirit, Father we praise you, we give you thanks, and we honour you. Thank you for your stronghold in us. Thanks for a safe place in our hearts. Thank you King Jesus for being with us and for giving us these wonderful people in our lives, you know who they are, they are such a blessing from you, thank you, we praise you.  Thank you for your army of angels always fighting for us! We love you Lord. Most of all we thank you for your love, and we thank you that today we can understand more of you, know more of you and grow in our love for you. Let the love that you put in us today overflow in us onto others.


Be blessed today, be encouraged to praise.

Lots of love,


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  1. Amen! That is really cool and encouraging to think about it! God bless you and your family!

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    1. Thank you Ryan, it has been our reality this week too, we are under fire here big time and the strong hold of the King is where we’re holding out. It has been great encouragement and blessing indeed. God bless you also as you praise him today. Thank you for your encouragement! Lots of love, L

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  2. Pure Glory says:

    So thankful that God is our stronghold against the attacks of the enemy. Blessings and much love, as you prepare to give your talk at the Crowned women’s conference. H

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    1. Thank you so much Hazel, to God be the glory! He is good.

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  3. Billie Abbott says:

    Thank you, Lauren for a beautiful prayer for me to say today.

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    1. I love praying with you Billie. Bless you today. L


  4. Ps. 91 is my stronghold go to chapter when I am distressed. I have enjoyed reading your insightful bogs. God Bless.

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    1. I love Psalm 91 too, it is the Psalm I read over my eldest son each day. It is a stronghold Psalm, I agree. I like 91:9 I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust. My son always repeats that part. What great words to speak into our lives. God bless you today, Joyce. Lots of love, L


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