Proverbs 10min. Challenge (Proverbs 13)


Proverbs 13, my apologies for missing Monday, we’ve had a big week (month) here, but today, finally, the timer is on!

As I read the beginning of the chapter, many themes are familiar, righteousness wins over evil, wisdom wins over foolishness, our words and actions have the power to build up or tear down, honesty is the best policy, hard work will pay off in the end, money isn’t everything in fact it’s nothing, and poverty isn’t nothing it hides riches, the one with a heart and mind willing to be trained will succeed, etc

Then I get to verse 19 and it strikes a chord.

A longing fulfilled is sweet to the soul, but fools detest turning from evil.

Why does it strike a chord? Because I have a very long list of things I would love to do; more often or better in this life time. They aren’t particularly important things, but they would most certainly sweeten things.

I’d like to play an instrument well, I’d like to be better at painting and drawing, I’d like to have a working kitchen garden, and head towards being self-sustaining, I’d like to be waste free, much more environmental than I am. I’d like to walk in the woods more. I’d like to surf again, speak French fluently, read more of the classics, sew, knit, eat around the fire and have more dinners at the beach. They are the sweet longings of my soul and here it is in black and white; I won’t get them unless I turn from whatever evil it is I am doing instead.

Can you guess?

I don’t have hours and hours of my own time, but I do admit I waste time. What am I doing that wastes the time I could fill with the sweet longings of my soul? What are you doing?

I hate to admit it but I’m watching T.V series on Netflix with my husband, Googling, I’m checking facebook & Instagram, I’m texting, reading the news and worrying about things, people and places I will never visit and have no power, other than prayer to change. I’m filling my head with information that does not satisfy and my sweet longings are growing bigger the older I get.

The verses that follow verse 19, right to the end of the chapter seem to give me a way out, if I’m game to take it.

This blog is a sweet longing and I have loved it. I gave up quite a few things to make it happen. I can see that I don’t have piles of time for a second or third sweet longing at the moment, but if I want to make them happen and tick them off the bucket list it looks like I will have some readjustment and planning to do.

These kinds of longings often get put on the back burner because they are not vital but the longer I live without satisfying them I think they are more vital to my  humanity than I used to think.

The discipline it takes to make them happen is inspirational. The people who do these things we long for are inspiring to us. Just look at Pinterest. The kind of discipline it takes to make them happen is also important to model to our kids. Discipline is not just uprightness, it’s doing the things that bring contentment and joy, so we don’t just live a half life. That is the kind of life to the full we want our kids to know.

I used to think I was wasting God’s time to ask for help with these things but I know I’m not when I read this verse. It is actually a good verses evil battle!

So, I need to pick one sweet longing and work on it, hmmm which would you choose?

I hope you are encouraged to review your sweet longings and turn from what is hindering their becoming a reality. May you be blessed by their sweetness in your life.

Lots of love,


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  1. What a sweet verse, thanks for bringing it to my attention. Now I just need to figure out which sweet longing I want to fulfill. Thanks for sharing


    1. I loved it too, Brenda. I started my piano lessons again this morning! Bless you as you pursue your sweet-longings, lots of love, L

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  2. Pure Glory says:

    Yes, Lauren, sometimes we have sweet longings but we refuse to give up the evil in our lives. There are only 24 hours given to us each day. I find when I give the day to the Lord and get in his presence, things go so much better. Problems ensue when I ignore him and do my own thing. God is dealing with me on this right now. Thank you for your post. Much love, H

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    1. Yes, Hazel. Well put. I’m so grateful He never gives up dealing with us!

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