Proverbs 10min. Challenge (Proverbs 14)

bed-bible-book-bindings-935944Proverbs 14! So exciting to be almost halfway through my challenge. I have to say I have really enjoyed Proverbs, despite the constant conviction in it puts into my heart, and the resulting need to pray, and press into God to enable myself to do what it says!!! I am quite excited every time I pick up my bible and flip to Proverbs these days. It’s coming alive in me. Does scripture do that for you?

Sorry that last week it took till Wednesday to get to Proverbs, happily life is a bit more orderly again at our place. So, here we are on Monday morning, back in routine. YAY!!

Once again there is so much here. The Proverbs are listed as they occurred to the writer, not always linked to the one before, or the one after, but as we read them there are repeated themes. Today I thought I’d group the ideas as “Advice” for different areas of life. Sometimes it’s nice to get a big hit of wisdom on one topic, to see it in black and white so to speak.

I hope you’ll get your bible out and read the proverbs themselves, they are beautifully written.

Advice from Proverbs 14 about money & hardwork;

The poor are shunned and the rich have friends in this world (v.20) but God says to ignore someone in need, is a sin and those who provide for the needy will be blessed. (v.21)

a good investment will pay for itself (v.4)

you will reap your reward (v.14)

hardwork = profit

all talk = poverty

Advice from Proverbs 14 to leaders

The wise think first act second, the foolish just lie and cover it up (v.8)

WARNING: Not everything is as it seems!! (v.12)

Don’t believe everything, think about where you’re going (v.15)

Hotheadedness may make you feel like you’re on top but it is foolish, will make you do foolish thing and make people despise you (v.16, 17)

What are you passing on to those following you? Folly or a crown of wealth and  knowledge? (v.18, 24)

No one ever truly knows the heart of another (v.10, 13)

No matter how powerful you are, if you got there by evil you will go astray (v.22) and one day bow down to good. (v.19) (v.32)

Plan to do good and you will find love and faithfulness (v.22)

A King/Prince needs subjects (v.28)

Patience will give you understanding. Quick temper only shows folly (v.29)

Righteousness exalts , Sin condemns.(v.34, 35)


Advice from Proverbs 14 about homes;

wise to build up, foolish to tear down (v.1)

wicked destroy, upright flourish at home(v.11)

Advice from Proverbs 14 about what we say;

lashing out is foolish, wise words protect others (v.3)

covering up the truth is deceives (v.5) truth saves lives (v.25)

No saying sorry is foolish because goodwill comes out of an apology and that goodwill will be stored for you. (v.9)

Proverbs 14:33

Advice from Proverbs 14 about obedience to God;

fear of the Lord = uprightness, despising the Lord’s ways = deviousness (v.2)

Mocking God and seeking wisdom is a paradox, steer clear of people like that (v6.&7),  Seek God and knowledge will find you. (v.6)

fearing God leads to: wisdom > shunning evil (v.16) >secure fortress for you > refuge for your kids (v.26) >fountain of life >avoids snares of death(v.27) (v.32)

Honouring God includes being kind to the needy, oppression of the poor shows God contempt (v.31)

Be encouraged today, be blessed,

Lots of love,


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