Countdown to Blast Off

img_9440Hi everyone,

For those who’ve been wondering where I am. I just wanted to let you know. I’ll be back soon enough. All is well and there are great plans for 2019. We’re in maintenance checks mode here but the rocket is in place for take off.

I’m taking the summer to take care of the physical structures in my life. Family, home and my body. They are all such a blessing that they are worth the time. I am a big believer in writing about real stuff so here’s the real right now.

My family needs my time and attention. 5 kids on school holidays need their mum and all of her brain and energy. My husband needs a break too, if I race off to write whenever he gets home, it doesn’t help him enjoy the kids or rest.

My home needs my attention. We had a very minimalist Christmas because the kids got joint presents of a trampoline and a ping pong table so I have taken the opportunity to clear out cupboards without filling them again.

My body needs my attention. I’m finally investigating all those things that need investigating, resting the bits that need resting, and exercising the bits that need exercising.

In the main we’ve been resting and relaxing but other days it’s felt like a renovation or painstaking restoration. This week I’m restructuring and preparing for Term 1 to begin. I have to say it has been one of our best ever school holidays.

The little one in the rocket above will shoot for the stars at pre-school this year. He starts late – February so I am planning to be back to the blog then. In the mean time we are enjoying the final days of 12 years straight with small ones at home full time. 2019 is a year of new beginnings, we also have our first high schooler this year.

So, I want to send you my love, ask the Father God to bless you and the Holy Spirit to encourage and heal you and say I pray that you walk the journey of 2019 with the Prince of Peace himself; Jesus.

See you back here soon,

Be encouraged, be blessed,

Lots of love,





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