God’s Treasured Girls.

This is a poem I wrote to encourage the young girls in my life! I hope it blesses you too.

blur-clean-drop-2877038It was raining but there was a girl on the beach.

She was drenched and shivering, far out of reach.

Was she digging for something?

Grace watched through a window, questions in her mind,

Wondering from the lighthouse, what the girl might find,

As the rain poured down.beautiful-beauty-brunette-2884856

“Your treasure is where your heart is,” that’s what Jesus said,

“You’re my treasure, little puppy,” said Gracie from her bed,

“Has she found anything?”

The digging girl was walking, with her shovel and her pail.

She was agile, she was nimble, as strong as Grace was frail.

And the wind howled around.

“‘In my weakness, God is strong! Did you know that Little One?

He must be super-powered today because I’ve no strength, like the sun.

But God can calm the storm.”

At that moment, Little Puppy took a leap onto the floor,

He bounded round, and down the stairs to rocket out the door.

The girl came over the rocks.

adorable-animal-animal-photography-2877832“A little puppy! How sweet. How adorable. How wet!”

And laughing, she scooped him into her arms, “Oh Puppy, don’t you fret!”

“Now, let’s find your home.”

beach-dawn-daylight-2869512“The Lighthouse is the only place that I can see nearby,

At least it will be warmer Pup, quick let’s give it a try.”

The rain became hail.

Grace did not hear the knocking.Ever since she’d seen Pup go,

She’d cried many, many, many tears, her head beneath a pillow.

Then the girl ran in.

“Stop! Oh no, I’m sorry! Little Pup! Stay off the sheets!

I think you’ll be O.K, but I’m not sure what he eats.”

“He won’t eat me,

He’s my Little Pup. I was scared, when he ran away,

I didn’t know, how to find him again, once he went out to the bay.

I am paralysed.”

Grace gave the girl a blanket, there was a towel hung on the wall

They it used to wipe Little Puppy, who was curled up in a ball.

On Grace’s sick bed.

“I saw you, hunting on the beach today. Tell me did you find gold?”

“No. There was no treasure out there, just a bottle, empty and old.”

Grace smiled at the girl.beach-chest-desert-1252907

“God says look for Him like treasure; like silver, or like a pearl,

He calls the Kingdom of heaven, ‘The Greatest Treasure in the World’.

Tell me about your search.”

“I am looking for my father’s treasure, he said it’s buried near.

I’ve been digging every day for a little over a year.

He is a Captain.

When I was born he called me Greta because it means ‘a Pearl’,

And when I turned nine, he sent a map, addressed to his ‘Treasured Girl.’

But it’s not easy.”

“My treasure hunting isn’t easy either, I read and pray all day,

But I still get sad and I still have pain, and I can’t see another way.”

The girls sat silent.

“Perhaps if we did it together? We could be each other’s help!

I could read and pray with you, then you could dig yourself!”

Greta looked at Grace.

Grace looked down, and when she spoke it was with the saddest voice,

“I’d love to but I can’t, you know, I haven’t got a choice.”

“I could carry you.”

Greta was serious, “I can! But I need your help as well,

‘Cause I can’t read, not even a bit,A or B, I can’t tell.”

“Really?” said Grace.

“Yes, we need each other, and somehow Little Puppy knew,

Maybe Grace, it was your God, who told him what to do.

I’ll be back tomorrow.”

The next day the treasure hunters were both out with the sun,

Writing letters in the sand, having piggy backing fun,

They prayed on the beach.


Grace found brand-new muscles, Little Puppy found a bone,

And Greta found treasure in scripture that day, just before going home,

“Je-sus loves Gre-ta.”

Week after week, carrying each other, the two of them grew strong.

Greta began to read for herself, and Grace got around before long.

“My own beach wheelchair!

But we still haven’t found your treasure.”

“We have, don’t you see? it’s inside!

We’ve shared the love of Jesus and it’s made us come alive.

God is our treasure.”

When we gave up being selfish, when we prayed for each other’s needs.

When we began to seek our Father God He planted treasure seeds.

Like how pearls are made!”

accessory-black-background-bright-1660521“God says the gates of heaven are made of single pearls.”

“Well, I think that God grows single pearls right in the hearts of his treasured girls.”

“How is a pearl made?

“Pearls start when something tiny, gets into a mollusc, and hides deep under the skin,

Past the hard shell, right past the muscle, into the softest part within.”

“Like a grain of sand?”

“Yes but something living, it crawls in and the treasure starts.”

“It’s like the hope we felt that very first day, was planted in our hearts.

Hope was the seed!

It got in past my sadness,” said Gracie, “past the awful pain I felt.”

“It got in past my hopelessness,” said Greta, “past where my fear dwelt,

A living hope.”

beach-female-girl-1927305“Then seeking Jesus on the beach, all our Holy Spirit prayers,

Believing and helping and loving like the Father, although it caught us unawares,

Has become treasure!”

“We thought we were looking for gold and precious gems.

But God’s treasure is better than diamond diadems

His love healed us.”

“We thought we were sharing knowledge and strength,

But the kindness we shared was more powerful, and at length

We learned God’s power.”

“This is treasure we can always look for, even if we find the other,

It’s a treasure we can share again and again because it’s from the Father,

It never runs out.”

The two girls smiled and laughed and hugged, they gave praise to the Lord that day,

They gave thanks with joy for the treasure, that was theirs to share every day.

The Greatest Treasure.back-view-background-bestfriends-2609463

Lots of love, I hope you are encouraged today to do life and faith together.


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  1. Pure Glory says:

    Lauren, enjoyed your post. We all have treasures inside of us. Hardships will often cause us to turn to God for strength. Then we find incredible treasure inside of us and gifts we were unaware of. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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