Abraham and Sarah’s Faithful Sex Life (Part 4)

In this final post of the series I want to look at Sarah and Abraham to talk about identity.

People go on and on about sexual identity, about career identity, about family identity, about cultural identity. Over the years Sarah and Abraham had the opportunity to identify themselves as so many things. 

Between the two of them they could identify themselves as; son, daughter, brother, Chaldean, son of a king, wealthy, scholar, young, single, beautiful, married, farmer, brother in-law, nomad, foreigner, employer, hotel owner, entrepreneur, barren, middle aged, adulterous, possibly – for argument sake – a sex slave and …

…if we’re going there…

…bisexual, warrior, war bride, polygamist, slave owner…

plus…lonely, friendless, a step mother, old, pregnant, parent and grandparent. 

Abraham and Sarah could have called themselves any of these things, but God does not.

He calls them faithful, he calls them righteous, he calls Sarah mother of a nation, princess of many, and he calls Abraham father of nations and friend of God.

God does not see them through their sins or their actions or their legacy. He sees them as chosen. He sees Abraham and Sarah the same way he sees you and I through the lens of Christ. 

Our identity is “chosen”. 

Some people say Sarah could not possibly have been defiled by Pharaoh because she was to be the mother of the Jewish nation and therefore the direct ancestor of Jesus, but they are forgetting that Jesus is the friend of sinners, he dined with prostitutes.

Whatever Sarah did or had done to her, God was not absent, He did not leave her. She was his chosen, He made a way for her. He always makes a way for us so we do not need to give way to fear. 

Jesus spoke to the woman at the well, when others would have shunned her.

He boasts in his genealogy the names of only five women; Tamar – the forgotten widow who pretended to be a prostitute so she could sleep with her father in-law and fall pregnant; Rahab the foreign prostitute who lied to save the spies; Ruth the Moabite widow who offered herself to Boaz, the compassionate son of an ex-prostitute, on the threshing room floor; Bathsheba, the wife of Uriah who had an affair with David (who had her husband murdered) and; Mary, who many would have called a teenage liar, and adulteress because she conceived Jesus out of wedlock.  

These women are not in the list of Jesus’ ancestors because God wants to prove that Jesus came from poor stock. They are there because God has put them in a place of honour. In his eyes they are perfect and holy.

They have been accepted, they have been loved, they have been washed, they have been justified, they have been sanctified just like Sarah. 

God does not identify any of these women by their sins or what was done to them or their situation and circumstance. He sees them through the cross of Christ. He identifies them, like he identifies you and me, as chosen and forgiven.

In Christ we are free to move on from what we have done into who we are. Christ is our new identity. We are his chosen. 

I want to encourage you today that you are chosen by God. Your identity is found in Christ.

Whatever you have done or had done to you. God was not absent. He did not leave you and He has made a way for you in Christ so you do not need to give way to fear.

If you do not know Christ yet – and you want to have his identity and power, you may be ready to pray this prayer with me today,

God thank you, that you see me, I’m sorry that I have ignored you, I know that you choose me and you love me and that Jesus Christ died to forgive me. Thank you. Today I choose you. Fill me with the power of the Holy Spirit (the same power that raised Jesus from the dead) so that I may live faithfully and keep choosing you everyday.


God bless you today as you journey on that way in faith,

Lots of Love,

L xx

P.S. This post is part of a 4 part series, you can find Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 here.

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