Psalm 23

agriculture-animals-baby-288621.jpgPhoto by Trinity Kubassek from Pexels

Psalm 23 is my psalm. It’s the one I know off by heart. It’s the one I go to when there is nothing else to pray. It’s the one that is real for me. It is the only psalm in which each line comes leaping alive in my mind like a crazy spring lamb all because a long time ago I read a book called A Shepherd Looks At Psalm 23 by Victor Keller.

The book was my husband’s father’s. Although we only ever spoke once, reading his book made me feel like I understood my father in law a little better. A lot better in fact. It brought us close as only books can do. It brought us close in spirit. I realised we were both encouragers and we both passionately loved the same men, Jesus and my husband. Victor Keller was an encourager too. I was so encouraged by that book that I read it over and over.

When we write we put a bit of our spirit into the words. Then in the minds of others they come alive. This is why I choose a public forum to write. I want to connect with people, encourage people, a lot of people at once. In real life I am oftentimes tongue tied, plus I like to listen because I love stories and worst of all I believe in people. I believe the very best in them. So for those reasons I don’t always say what I could or should or would say to myself if I was in their shoes. But when I write, I write just for myself. So when people read they read the real me. The fluent one whom usually only my husband and my children and my Lord know.

I am writing to encourage myself and I hope beyond hope that I will encourage some of you along the way. I hope our paths will cross and cross again and sometimes we will walk side by side, perhaps even carry each other. Please comment and share your stories when you are encouraged or have questions.

I so desperately need the Lord my Shepherd. In him I lack nothing, without him I have nothing. So the journey of Psalm 23 will be my writing springboard. The topics of Rest in God, Freedom in God, The Spirit of God, Walking on paths of righteousness, Walking with God through The valley of the shadow of death, God’s banquet table set before our enemies, God’s word, God’s anointing, The House of the Lord and The Goodness of God. Each day I will write something that God is prompting in me, or share something from my own journey with The Good Shepherd.

May God use it for his glory as only he can.